Polypropylene drinking straws

Polypropylene drinking straws

All polypropylene drinking straws are produced to the customer's orders. We also offer standard products which you can find in the product catalog.

Our production possibilities are:

kinds • straight thick technical straws
• long technical straws
• high transparency technical straws
• for breathalyser
• for hospital catering (individual wrapped in paper)
diameter 4-12mm
length from 100mm
packaging collective bags or cardboards
main colors white, black, green, blue, red, yellow
or according to the customer needs


Polypropylene straws mean plastic products with special parameters which can be used for other purposes than drinking.

Those parameters concern non typical wall thickness, transparency or product length which cause special use of products for example for hospital catering or technical purposes.

Our plastic straws are manufactured from the best quality non recycled homopolymer. Raw material and masterbatches have certificates for food application and product are produced in following to the HACCP requirements.